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SimTech 2018
September 2018
María Pérez y Esther Cuevas, members of the company, travel to Nashville (Tennessee) to attend the SimTech conference, sponsored by CORYS.

The SimTech conference is the industry's leading conference for the nuclear power, railroad simulation and hydrocarbon industries, with technical presentations from the best simulation engineers and training experts in North America.

The conference was attended by the Commander of the NASA Space Mission, Captain Mark Kelly, in charge of delivering the opening speech at the SimTech 2018 conference.

Commander of the NASA Space Mission, Captain Mark Kelly, at the opening of the conference SimTech 2018

We reached the 500 Miles of Railway Simulation
July 2018
Thunder España Simulación is consolidated in the development of train simulators having completed multiple projects, both for freight and passenger trains, among which include the Cobourg - Kingston (VIARAIL Ontario), Dadeland South - Miami International Airport (Miami Dade) Transit Metro Rail) or Chicago Ogilvie Transportation Center - Harvard (UPRR Half Cab Options) among others.

It should be noted that to date, almost 500 simulation miles have been developed in our Santander offices for railroad trips in the United States.

Proximities to the Chicago Ogilvie Transportation Center (enlarge)

Inside of the Chicago Ogilvie Transportation Center (enlarge)

New Simulators 4K
May 2018
The proliferation of large format screens requires viewing with more nuances and details, which currently offers the Ultra High Definition 4K.

That is why, from Thunder Spain, the first 4K glass panel simulator is developed in the control room for the Salem nuclear power plant.
                 Esther Cuevas, graphic designer of Thunder España,                  Glass panel simulator fully developed with                           operates a 4K glass panel simulator  (enlarge)                        vector graphics for 4K monitors (enlarge)    
UHD screens offer up to four times more detail than Full HD (1,080p) resolution, with eight million pixels compared to two million, which allows a display without distortion and with all the details even at close range. But one of the advantages goes beyond quadrupling the resolution, focusing on the high quality and clarity of the content when it is in motion and in the best contrast dynamics.

Railroad Simulation Training in Jacksonville
February 2017
The partners of Thunder España Simulación travel to the Corys headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, to acquire specific training for the development of train simulators. With the new experience acquired, the first CGI (computer-generated imagery) train project comprising the route from Provo to Ogden in Utah, a total of 90 miles operated by Metro-North, begins to be developed in the Santander offices.

Machinist training in a full cab simulator (enlarge)

This is how to generate an incredibly realistic virtual tour that closely represents the real life terrain using 3D models. The purpose of this type of simulators is the training of the machinists who will operate on this train line later. Our systems address the challenges that transport operators face, including improving efficiency and training in safety, traction conversion, rules and regulations, failures and economic driving.
               Video View (enlarge)                                          Software View (enlarge)                                       CGI View (enlarge)