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THOR Senior Project at the University of Cantabria
September 2012
Ana Alonso, student at the University of Cantabria, has obtained her B.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering with the senior project“Combined Cycle Power Plant of Sabiya. Project for Training Simulator Improvement.” The project is based on the liquid fuel models of THOR, Corys Thunder advanced thermal hydraulics simulation code. 

Ana worked as an intern for Thunder España during the past year and has now joined the company as a full time junior engineer.

New focus on Severe Accident
August 2012
Participants on the SARNET course. Among them,
Jean-Pierre Van Dorsselaere, SARNET Coordinator

Since the Fukushima disaster, international agencies and regulatory bodies are expanding their severe accident programs. A better understanding of the complex phenomenology associated to these events is required so they can be prevented or, at least, the consequences to the public and environment diminished. The final official report on the accident, ordered by the Japanese legislature, highlights the lack of specific training in this subject.

The nuclear simulation industry is poised to offer its services in this area and some innovative projects are already under way.

Thunder España is experienced in severe accident simulation tools and is ready to contribute to this task.

With this goal, Mario Garcés recently attended the Course on Severe Accidents Phenomenology and Management, sponsored by the European Commission Severe Accident Research Network of Excellence SARNET, at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Different applications for glass panel simulators
July 2012
Emergency Diesel Generator, Division 2, control panel at Perry nuclear plant (enlarge)
The role of glass panel simulators in operator training is increasing.

Thunder España is taking part in the development of graphics for the two modules acquired by FirstEnergy Corporation to train Perry Nuclear Plant (Ohio, USA) personnel in the operation of the Remote Shutdown Panel and Emergency Diesel Generators. 

Control panels for both systems are located out of the main control room and, usually, are not included in full-scope training simulators. Once the project is completed, Perry operators will be able to train on these systems on specific sessions independent of the main simulator or in an integrated manner with the rest of panels.

3D Monicore emulation ready for training
May 2012
Columbia training simulator

Mario Garcés traveled to Columbia Generating Station (Washington, U.S.) to integrate in the training simulator the emulated version of the General Electric's 3D Monicore system fully developed by Thunder España.

Also, the acceptance test was performed on site and the emulation achieved the ready-for-training status, thus will be included in the practical sessions from now on.

Mario also provided the Energy Northwest personnel in charge of the simulator with specific training in the capabilities and maintenance of the new software.

This is the sixth core monitoring emulation currently installed in a U.S. simulator that has been developed by engineers now working for Thunder España.