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Mark VIe emulation delivered to Davis-Besse
August 2013
Davis-Besse DEHC emulation running in ThunderView (enlarge)
As part of FirstEnergy’s nuclear fleet modernization program, Davis-Besse Power Station, a 900 MW PWR in Ohio (USA), is replacing the turbine control system with a DEHC (Digital Electro-Hydraulic Control) based on the newest version of the popular Mark VIe® product by General Electric. Before the new system is installed at the plant, Davis-Besse operators will receive training on a Mark VIe emulation developed in ThunderEdit.

Thunder España has upgraded the external format import capabilities of the program in order to account for the graphic enhancements found in the actual DEHC displays, created with GE’s latest HMI software Cimplicity 8®. The emulation has already been delivered to the customer and is now in the acceptance testing process.

Spanish nuclear regulator visits Thunder España
July 2013

Rosario Velasco, vice-president of the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN), visited the new offices of Thunder España Simulación during her recent stay in Cantabria to participate in a series of meetings on radioactive waste, organized by the Summer International University Menéndez Pelayo and sponsored by Enresa, the Spanish public radwaste company.

During her visit, Ms. Velasco and other CSN officials were offered a detailed explanation of Thunder España simulation expertise and technology as well as the current projects under development, most of them for training centers in American nuclear plants. There was especial interest in the use of virtual control panels as an additional training tool for control room operators and with many other potential applications. They also learnt about the latest developments on severe accident training, focusing on some pioneer programs being carried out in the US to prepare nuclear operators for situations similar to those which occurred at the Fukushima-Daiichi plant after the earthquake and tsunami in the Japanese coast in 2011.

Rosario Velasco, vice-president of the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN), with Mario Garcés and Ana Alonso, from Thunder España, and David Redoli and Diego Encinas, CSN officials
(Photo: Thunder España Simulación)

Thunder España relocates to larger premises
July 2013
Thunder España new location in Santander (Photo: Thunder España Simulación)
After more than four years at the Technological Development Center of the University of Cantabria (CDTUC), Thunder España has relocated to larger premises in a modern business center in Santander. The move became necessary in order to accommodate the increased workload during the last months, a trend which is expected to continue in the future according to the growing demand for simulation services. The company has recently registered significant staff additions, mainly in the area of interactive graphics development. 

The new location hosts many other information technology companies, with similar characteristics to Thunder España, and enjoys a quick connection to the city center and main access routes.


Major Simulator Upgrade at Point Beach
May 2013
Florida-based NextEra Energy has awarded CORYS one of the largest simulator upgrade contracts in recent years for Point Beach Nuclear Plant in Wisconsin (USA). Point Beach is a two-unit PWR of Westinghouse design and an installed capacity of 1,026 MW. The contract includes the simulator rehost from OpenSim to T-REX, the replacement of most simulation models, major hardware upgrades such as the installation of the new CAN I/O equipment and several glass panel simulator modules, as well as the development of integrated THOR-MELCOR models for training on severe accident.

Point Beach Nuclear Plant from Lake Michigan (Photo: NextEra Energy)

ThunderEdit will play a major role during the whole project, as a model builder in the development of the new electrical distribution system and single phase thermal hydraulic models, and as a graphical editor for the high-quality interactive graphics required by the glass panel modules. Apart from the graphics support, Thunder España will also participate in the upgrade effort with the emulation of two peripheral systems: Fire Protection (also in ThunderEdit) and Radiation Monitoring.