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Railroad Simulation Training in Jacksonville
February 2017
The partners of Thunder España Simulación travel to the Corys headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, to acquire specific training for the development of train simulators. With the new experience acquired, the first CGI (computer-generated imagery) train project comprising the route from Provo to Ogden in Utah, a total of 90 miles operated by Metro-North, begins to be developed in the Santander offices.

Machinist training in a full cab simulator (enlarge)

This is how to generate an incredibly realistic virtual tour that closely represents the real life terrain using 3D models. The purpose of this type of simulators is the training of the machinists who will operate on this train line later. Our systems address the challenges that transport operators face, including improving efficiency and training in safety, traction conversion, rules and regulations, failures and economic driving.
               Video View (enlarge)                                          Software View (enlarge)                                       CGI View (enlarge)

New Directive of Thunder España Simulación
December 2016
Mario Garcés, current management of Thunder España Simulación, leaves the company to undertake new projects. Thus, the new direction of Thunder España Simulación is in charge of Beatriz Vidal, Esther Cuevas and María Pérez, who have extensive experience in the sector, having been part of the company's staff with an age of more than 10 years.

From left to right, María Pérez, Esther Cuevas y Beatriz Vidal

Rail simulation project for MTA Metro-North in New York
November 2014
María Pérez, Thunder España engineer, operates
a portable rail simulator 
For the first time, Thunder España Simulación is taking part on a railroad simulation project under contract with Corys Thunder, Inc (CTI). The American subsidiary of CORYS TESS, world leader in the transportation simulation sector, has recently become a major player in the North-American market with the award of large contracts in the US and Canada.

María Pérez, Civil Engineer from Thunder España, traveled to CTI’s headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, to complete specific training and lay out work for the upcoming project. Thunder España will be responsible for the development of fully functional interactive graphic displays simulating the driver control boards of different locomotives operated by MTA Metro-North, one of the main transport operators in New York. This job is part of a full overhaul of Metro-North’s training center located at Grand Central Station, the city's largest railway terminal.

Foxboro I/A emulation for TVA
November 2014

Watts Bar Foxboro DCS emulation running in ThunderView (enlarge)

Engineers at Thunder España have developed a graphic emulation of the Invensys Foxboro I/A Series distributed control system (DCS) under a contract awarded to Corys Thunder Inc. by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). The emulation will replace the stimulated systems currently installed on the full scope training simulators of two TVA plants, Watts Bar and Sequoyah, for the full DCS and Digital Feedwater Control System respectively.

The emulation has been delivered as a new import module in ThunderEdit graphical editor for the automatic translation of the original display and configuration files used at both sites.