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Visit of Jody Ryan, CEO of Corys Thunder Inc.
May 2009
Jody Ryan, CEO of Corys Thunder Inc. (Georgia, USA) recently visited the offices of Thunder España Simulación. The purpose of the visit was to meet members of the technical staff in Spain and to discuss ongoing work in Santander as well as to plan for new work expected in the near future. Thunder España is currently contracted by Corys Thunder to assist on several nuclear plant simulator upgrade projects in the U.S., including secondary plant model upgrades at Columbia and Duane Arnold nuclear plants and a simulated SPDS (Safety Parameters Display System) at the Waterford nuclear plant. Thunder España is also working on a new combined-cycle gas turbine full scope simulator for the TriEnergy Ratchaburi plant in Thailand, under contract to Corys Thunder.

«I spent many years working with Mario Garcés in the U.S., and I know him to be one of the top engineers in the simulator industry» says Jody Ryan. «He has put together a strong team of engineers at Thunder España, and they have done an excellent job of delivering high quality work on a tight schedule. We have been very pleased with our relationship with Thunder España, and we will continue to rely on them not only for project work, but also for new product development.»

Corys Thunder is the U.S. nuclear industry leader for simulator maintenance and upgrades, and is the North American subsidiary of Corys T.E.S.S., headquartered in Grenoble, France.

Beta version of the model builder for T-REX released
April 2009
Corys Thunder Inc. engineers begin testing the beta version of the new interactive model builder integrated in ThunderEdit –the graphic editor of the T-REX simulation environment– and developed by Thunder España Simulación.

In the initial stage it will be used to model electric systems and hydraulic networks. T-REX, property of Corys Thunder Inc., is the most advanced simulation platform within the nuclear sector and holds the largest number of completed installations over the last few years.

Beginning of THOR code models development services
March 2009
The new personnel receives training in the high fidelity simulation code THOR in our Santander offices by Bernard Panfil, a senior engineer from Corys Thunder Inc. headquarters in the U.S. Modelling support activities start right after. First model will be completed by the end of April.

New staff. Education agreement with the University of Cantabria
February 2009
Sylvie García, a young engineer with over than two years of international experience, joins Thunder España Simulación to lead the activities involving simulation models development. In addition, Pilar Serna and Isabel Martín will participate in these tasks through an internship program sponsored by the University of Cantabria.